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50ml Room Sprays (Sweet & Fruity)

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A succulent selection of fruity and sweet inspired Room Sprays to sweeten up your home with just a few sprays.

We recommend that you patch test before spraying furnishings.

Limited Edition scents are 1 off fragrances that won't return when they sell out!

Arctic Lemon- A zesty sparkling citrus accord with top notes of lemon, may chang and lemongrass with a heart of verbena, lime, orange, geranium and a hint of jasmine, accompanied by herbaceous sage, armoise and rosemary.

•Bubblegum- Just like the pink chewing gum 

•Black Cherry- Ripe sweet cherries accompanied by notes of Almond

•Black Coconut- Coconut with musk, pineapple and coconut blossom

Coconut & Melon (Limited Edition)- A fruity fragrance of coconut and melon, enhanced with lime zest and notes of lychee.

Get Rocked (Limited Edition) - Similar to a LUSH scent with notes of vanilla candy, faint bubblegum and Lots of sweet notes.

•Kalpol- Based on a popular medicine with notes of Raspberry + Strawberry 

•Lemon Sherbet- Similar to the Lemon sweets 

•Mango Peach Salsa- Juicy peach, citrus orange accompanied apricot and mango.

•Monkey Farts- Banana, pear, supported by orange, lemon, coconut and Jasmin, on a base of musk

•Orange Fizz- A fresh, rich orange bursting with fizz!

•Parma Violets- Similar to the fragrant purple sweets 

•Purple Rain- A strong fruity fragrance with lime, orange, vodka and cranberry

•Passionfruit Martini- sweet vanilla vodka with passionfruit puree and passionfruit

Raspberry Fizz (Limited Edition) A fruity zingy scent with notes of plump raspberries and sweet wine bubbles.

•Rhubarb and Custard- Identical to the sweets

•Raspberry Slushy - just like a raspberry slushy!

•Sweet Emporium (New Scent) A sweet fizzy accord with notes of lemon, lime and orange resting on a base of sugar, malt and vanilla and soft spicy nuances.

•Snow Fairy- Sweet notes of bubblegum and candy floss 

•Toasted Marshmallow-A sweet, rich creamy vanilla fragrance with caramel notes

•Twisted Mermaid (New Scent) A sweet fruity accord with notes of strawberry, peach, raspberry and rhubarb, with a hint of green leaf, followed by a touch of florality, all resting on a base of vanilla.

•Vanilla Buttercream- Subtle tones of madagascan with a creamy sweet overtone.  

•Watermelon- A mouth watering fresh watermelon with hints of lime and coconut

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