How to use wax melts effectively

How to use wax melts effectively

Basic Use -

Simply take a bar of your favourite wax, snap off a cube and drop it into your wax burner of choice, wether it be an electric one or a tea light burner either will work but keep in mine that an electric burner will melt the wax more slower and release a subtler scent over a longer period of time while a tea light burner will melt the wax much quicker reeling a more intense fragrance but for a shorter period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much wax should you use at once?

It is ok to use 1 to 2 cubes of our snap bars at once, using 1 cube for stronger scents or 2 cubes to help boost subtler scents.

Take care not to over fill the wax burner past the recommended limit of 2 cube as this can cause the wax to not melt properly and not release all of its fabulous fragrance. 

What is the best way to change out melts in a burner?

There are a few simple tricks for changing wax in a burner. If the burner has been off and the old wax is now hard, you can put the burner on for about 30 secs to slightly heat the wax and make it much easier to pop the old wax out. Or if the wax burner is on and the wax is liquid you can use some tissues or cotton wool (cotton wool pads are excellent for this!) to soak up the old wax, take care not to burn yourself though. 

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