About Us

Welcome to Northernwaxes!

A hearty welcome to our humble website! We are a small business (Just the 2 of us!) located in Northeast England who specialises in creating fantastic scented products. I've always been fascinated with scents and have memories of smelling all the different candles, shampoos and perfumes in the shops as a child. This obsession has carried on into adulthood and i now have hundreds of scents at my fingertips to relish in!

Our mission is a simple one. To provide you with the best scents on the market at affordable and fair prices. We've spent years testing fragrance oils, finding the strongest long lasting scents we could so that you don't have too!  


We handmade everything using only premium ingredients to bring you the best smelling products possible. We aim for every item to look professional, colourful and unique whilst of course, smelling absolutely gorgeous.

The majority of our packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled once used. From cardboard postage boxes to recycled materials used to make our room sprays bottles, we are trying to become more and more eco friendly.

We love interacting with our customers, learning what scents you like, getting reviews or even posts on our social media. Feel free to message us with suggestions for new scents, products or even just to chat about anything fragrance related!