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Black Cherry Reed Diffusers

Black Cherry Reed Diffusers

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Black Cherry Reed Diffuser - An irresistible fragrance of black cherry and almond with blends of sweet cherry notes and warm almond undertones.

You will love this scent if you are a Cherry Bakewell fan!

How to use

Diffusers-Simply take the plug out the top of the bottle and equally space out the reeds within the bottle. It is recommended to turn the reeds over once every few weeks. Wash hands after touching oils.

Refills- A handy refill for your Reed Diffuser Bottles. Take out the old reeds, pour in your new refill then add your new reeds and space them out. Wash your hands and job done!


-Made with premium fragrance oils
-Enjoy Months of fragrance
-Strong Room filling Scents
-Eco Friendly

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Customer Reviews

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Vickie Gregg

I bought 2 black cherry ,and 1 kreed and they are both amazing, but I also love tour room sprays they are just the best x