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Golden Orchid Room Sprays (Recommended by us)

Golden Orchid Room Sprays (Recommended by us)

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Golden Orchid Room Sprays - an enchanting Oriental fragrance that begins with a fresh burst of lime notes. The fragrance then unfolds into a complex floral bouquet that is balanced by a warm and alluring musky base. Precious woods, amber, vanilla, and musk add richness and depth to the fragrance, creating a truly captivating scent experience.

Based on Golden Orchid Fabric Softener

Sellers thoughts "If you're a fan of this scent you may also enjoy Dark Opium & La Vie"

How to use

-Take the lid off and spray several times at arms length away from face.

-Wait a few moments for fragrance to dissipate around the room.

-Always patch test before using on fabric or furnishings.


- Strong Long Lasting Scents
- Made with Premium Ingredients
- Bottles are made using recycled materials
- Vegan & Pet Friendly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anita Ballantine
Excellent product strong smelling

Golden orchid spray is beautiful strong and last a long time when used

Michelle Taylor~Casey
Amazing 🥰

Long lasting fragrance that refreshes the whole room & lingers longer than shop bought air fresheners..

K Williams
Golden orchid

One of my favourite scents! Love to spray it on my soft furnishings, especially bedding. It smells amazing. Highly recommend!