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Strawberry Lily Scented Vacuum Discs (Recommended by us)

Strawberry Lily Scented Vacuum Discs (Recommended by us)

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Strawberry and Lily Vacuum Disc. A Refreshing & fruity floral fragrance features green fruity top notes, a heart of strawberry, gardenia, violet, and jasmine, and a soft dry down of woods and vanilla. It's a perfect fragrance for any season, adding a touch of sweetness and femininity to your day.

Similar to Strawberry Lily Comfort

Use 1 Disc at a time.

How to use

Simply pop a single disc into your hoover bag/cylinder which will release fragrance as you hoover. Change to a fresh disc once scent runs out.

Wash hands after handling


- Available in packs of 2 or 4 discs

- Weeks of Scent per disc

- Room Filling Fragrances

- Eliminates bad odours

-Can be used in all hoovers in either the bag or cylindor.

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Marlene Cain

Excellent products. Very satisfied. Very quick delivery